The White city jewel



The White city jewel

Arthur Balfour, the British prime minister and later the foreign minister, who during his time gave the Jewish people the Balfour Declaration, arrived in Tel Aviv for a historic visit seven years after the declaration was accepted and accepted as a king. Balfour took advantage of the visit to the first Hebrew city to attend the inauguration of the Hebrew University on Mount Scopus.
Meir Dizengoff and the city of Tel Aviv were so excited by the declaration that after Tel Aviv received a separate legal status from the British, “Town Ship” in May 1921, Dizengoff sought to call a city named after Balfour Street and the street was declared on October 2, 1922, five years after the declaration.
Three years later, on 26 March 1925, Balfour came to visit Tel Aviv and was accepted as a king by the masses of Tel Aviv residents. Chaim Weizmann accompanied him and he held a state visit to all the important sites in Tel Aviv and of course a lot to be photographed with Dizengoff and his friends. Some of the photos have become postcards. At the same time, Balfour received a “honorary citizenship” from Tel Aviv.
This super high standard apartment is located in one of the desirable street in Tel Aviv. 126 sqm , Fully renovated on the ground floor with two separate entrances. This building Is a Preservation building from the early 90s of the last century . Huge kitchenWith an island , large saloon , 2 master bedrooms , and large dining area.
3 min walking from Rothschild Boulevard , 11 min walking to Habima theater , 23 min walking from the beach , and Bicycle Would give you the opportunity to be free everywhere you want to go! 

Price: 8,500,000.00 ILS / 2,421,859.42 USD / 2,080,377.24 EUR / 1,821,238.28 GBP


  • ground floor
  • 126 sqm
  • 2 master bed room
  • Preservation building
  • Only sevenTenants in the building
  • One parking area
  • Big kitchen with an island
  • Air-conditioned
  • Large saloon
  • Working gallery area

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