Exquisite taste meets comfort and warmth in Raanana

Located at the heart of Raanana, on Kazan St.
The house is 3 stories high, each one meticulously designed with a unique touch according to its theme and atmosphere. From the lower level urban chic kitchen and multiple living room areas, to the upstairs bedrooms each with a personal touch and high end furniture and state of the art tech devices, to the rustic cozy and brand new attic suite which can easily serve as a plush guest floor.

The backyard is a dream come true for those who love outdoor hosting – a high quality deck, built in bar area, cozy niches for relaxation and a main hosting area drowning in greenery.

The house has been constantly well kept in terms of smart electricity, alarm system, high quality doors, lighting, and electric blinds which are rarely found and in much better quality than standard.

5,800,000.00 ILS / 1,652,562.90 USD / 1,419,551.53 EUR / 1,242,727.30 GBP


  • 4 bedrooms
  • A huge living room
  • Built 262 Sqm
  • Lot 356 Sqm

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