Oliphant – Tel Aviv



Oliphant – Tel Aviv

Oliphant Street is a quiet street east to Rothschild blv. in the “Hakibbutz” neighborhood of Tel Aviv, adjacent to the School of the Arts. The name of the neighborhood was given due to the fairness connected between Oliphant, Mizra and Nahmani streets, which is also known as Off-Sheinkin.

The name of the street refers to Laurence Oliphant, who was a writer, a member of the British Parliament, a diplomat, a journalist, a mystic and a British Zionist fanatic. Born in 1829 in Cape Town South Africa, to a privileged family of Scottish origin.

Price: 5,650,000.00 ILS / 1,609,824.20 USD / 1,382,838.99 EUR / 1,210,587.80 GBP


  • 100 square meter apartment
  • Beautiful balcony
  • Large living room
  • 2 bedrooms
  • Fully renovated 2014
  • New electric wiring and plumbing

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