Melchett st – Tel Aviv



Melchett st – Tel Aviv

For years, the Lev Ha’Ir quarter has been in the midst of a continuous wave of construction and real estate innovations, alongside the prestigious residential towers and luxurious office buildings built in the area.

The house on Maltchet 3 Street is managed by the Bar Orian Architects in the advanced stages of the project “Villa Maltchet”. In the early years of the house, Mrs. Mania Bialik (the wife of the national poet Chaim Nachman Bialik) lived on the second floor. Later on, the writer and journalist Adam Baruch lived there and in recent years the writer Dr. Gadi Taub, author of the children’s book “The Witch from Maltchet 3 Street”. In addition to the preservation of the strictest that will be built in the building will build two additional floors that will turn the house into a five-story building with only 9 apartments.

Price: 7,900,000.00 ILS / 2,250,904.64 USD / 1,933,527.08 EUR / 1,692,680.29 GBP


  • 94 Square meters
  • Saloon + 3 bedrooms
  • 1 MAMAD (safety room)
  • 22 Square meters private garden
  • An exit from the master bedroom to the garden
  • 3 Air directions
  • 1 parking place
  • Super Hi level specification

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