The Hidden Palace



The Hidden Palace

Florentin in south Tel Aviv is called Tel Aviv’s Soho by many. Florentin is an old neighborhood of Tel Aviv which hasnt yet seen the same large-scale gentrification as the likes of its neighbor Neve Tzedek. Florentin has a very mixed population, traditionally characterized by poverty and transience yet now is increasingly youthful, and yuppie. It is a neighborhood undergoing change, moving away from the margins in wealth terms, along the margins creating a center for arty and alternative culture. It is a symbol of south Tel Aviv, and is a fascinating area to walk through, contrasting to the modern Tel Aviv which dominates the rest of this city, and increasingly popular for its influence on the Tel Aviv nightlife. (by :

This wonderful apartment is owned by one of the leading designers in Israel.

He took the lay out of it , and sculptured it to the finest diamond.

The beautiful Roughness of the location gives you the feel like it went out from one of James Bond movies !

Price: 19,000,000.00 ILS / 5,413,568.11 USD / 4,650,255.01 EUR / 4,071,003.22 GBP


  • 380 sqrm
  • 10 rooms
  • 1 big balcony
  • also commercial zoning for boutique hotel
  • 2 parking places for 3 cars
  • Hi Ceiling 3.4 m

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